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2 mg alprazolam street price Born into a very talented artistic family, he is the passionate founder of the family owned business that began as a start-up dream in 1993, and has now evolved into a multi-faceted production company. As a video production educator in the 80’s and 90’s he brings a special sensitivity from his teaching to his clients and an unmatched customer service skill set.

A versatile crew member with a B.A. in film/video production from Brooks Institute School of Film. Daniel has been working in video production consistently for 8 years. Through his father he has learned how to run a professional video production company. With a film background he brings a whole new level of quality and cinematic storytelling to Final Take.

Brooks is another Brooks Institute graduate specializing in lighting and camera. Brooks travels to and from LA working on projects. He is a strong technically trained crew member with an intense drive and troubleshooting mentality.

Developed first as a videographer in a video family, but found his passion in music and composing. Adds a tremendous customized sound production element to the Final Take team.