Final Take Productions

superior customer service. attention to detail. artistic state of mind.


Twenty years ago we set out to build a creative team to capture life in a clean and simple matter. Melding style with emotion, from the most professional corporate video to the biggest day of your life, we strive on every shoot to capture the content artistically. Now in the second decade of service, we are carrying that tradition on with a new direction in cinematic style and design.  We now are offering drone coverage and a drone pilot.

All projects are produced in a full native HD working environment from start to finish. We shoot in a true native format only adopted by professionals and are capable of working in 4K resolution. Whether the end product is DVD or a Blu-Ray disc, you can be confident that picture and sound quality is never compromised.


Born into a very talented artistic family, he is the passionate founder of the family owned business that began as a start-up two decades ago, and has now evolved into a multi-faceted production company. As a video production educator in the 80’s and 90’s he brings a special sensitivity from his teaching to his clients and an unmatched customer service skill set.